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Industry News, Updates and Articles
Motor Oil Drain Intervals: An Ethical Burden? by David McFall 679 kb
from Lubes-n-Greases Magazine - December 2003

At the top of the pollution hierarchy, most would agree, is nuclear waste. Near the bottom is nuisance or short-lived pollution, such as paper candy wrappers or orange peels. Technology neutralizes much of the rest - but not dumped, untreated used engine oil.

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The Great Oil Debate by Ed Newman 679 kb
from American Iron Magazine - February 2001

The manufacturer of the first API-rated synthetic motor oil offers its experience and insights on the advantages of using AMSOIL synthetic lubricants in the demanding engines of motorcycles and, specifically, Harley-Davidsons.

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Heavy Duty Demands, PAO Answers by Lisa Tocci 540 kb
from Lubes-n-Greases Magazine - February 2001

In depth article focuses on the growing emergence of synthetic lubricants. Addresses the advantages of synthetic oils in reducing engine wear, decreasing emissions, and increasing fuel efficiency.

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Motor Oil by Richard Truett  
from Orlando Florida Sentinel - November 25, 1999

Next up is the motor oil. There are plenty of excellent motor oils, but one, AMSOIL 100 percent synthetic motor oil, just may be the best on the market.

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Lubricants World - Hall of Fame 227 kb
from Lubricants World Magazine - February 1994

Special section honors the most significant contributions in the field of Mechanical Lubrication. AMSOIL's founder Albert J. Amatuzio receives acknowledgment as a pioneer in synthetic lubrication.

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Sythetics: The Auto Industry's Best-Kept Secret by John Hunkins  
from Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords - May 1992

Have you ever heard the story about the light bulb that doesn't burn out or the razor blade that never dulls? Sure, these stories get exaggerated, but sometimes there's an element of truth to the rumors leaking out of a manufacturer's skunkworks. One particular rumor that sounds too good to be true is "an experimental motor oil that increases horsepower, practically stops engine wear in its tracks and improves fuel efficiency."

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